Camelyn-M1, product to boost your immune system.
Camelyn-M1, product to boost your immune system.
"Camelyn-M1” as an immunomodulator.
"Camelyn-M1” as an immunomodulator.
"Camelyn-M1” as an immunomodulator.

CAMELYN-M1 ampoules

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Composition: “Camelyn M” lyophilisate-0.07 g. Polyethyleneglycol 400-0.6. water for injection 1.33g

The medicine “Cameyn-M1” is made from a special kind of bee honey.
“Camelyn -M1” contains biologically highly active substances of bee origin: aldehydes, organic acids, phenols, ketones.

Indications:  The injection form “Camelyn-M1” as an immunomodulator is used in the following cases: viral, bacterial, fungal infections, urological diseases (chronic bacterial prostate, chronic urethritis), tumor diseases, (to reduce side effects of chemotherapy), spinal osteochondrosis, degenerative-dystrophy joint diseases, polyneuropathy, postoperative period, injuries, tuberculosis pleuritis (empyema) and other diseases.

Dosing and use:  This is a solution for injection and inhalation.

INJECTIONS of 2.0 ml are given twice daily intramuscularly, in the morning and in the evening. “Camelyn-M1” is injected deep into the muscle slowly, intermittently, at 20 - 25 second intervals between separate servings of medicine. The course of treatment is 20 days. The interval between courses is 8 days. The duration of treatment is 2 to 5 months. When required, prolongation of maintenance therapy is possible. For the treatment of rheumatic inflammatory diseases of osteoarthritis including complicated forms (reactive synovitis, Baker's cyst, bursitis, tendovaginitis), spinal osteochondrosis, the method of physiotherapy is used, in particular electrophoresis.

INHALATIONS of 2.0 ml are taken twice daily. Make a mix of Camelyn-M1 with 2.0 ml of spring water (ph 7). Breath slowly and deeply.

Children: Children under 5 years of age, the medicine is used as directed by a doctor; 5-12 age group, the daily dose is 1.0 ml.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the components of the medicine.

Overdose: No side effects were detected during an overdose.

Pharmacological properties: “Camelyn-M1” has immunomodulatory activity, strengthens humoral and cellular immunity.


The package contains: 1 ampoule x 2 ml. In total 10 ampoules

Country of origin: Georgia, Europe

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